In honor of the last day of July-

Summer days being what they are my schedule is just a wee bit off kilter lately.  My routine has become something I search for rather than something I follow and I think I am just going to give in and let the rest of summer happen.  That ain’t so bad I guess! I will have to gather my wits about me soon though because I am leaving for a short residency in Kentucky on the 9th of August.  This will be a great time of focused artistic pursuit and I am hoping I am energized and ready to go when the time comes. 

One good thing is that I have broken through the wall that was separating me from my creativity and had an absolutely glorious day of painting!  I granted myself a little bit of permission to revisit an earlier work that I felt needed to be pursued and by doing so I was able to move forward–and that my friends is an amazing feeling.  I have continued to work through the block but none of the pieces really worked and the stultifying result made it difficult to keep facing them day after day.  FINALLY, I felt the push to look at old work and it hit me–I missed the sewing aspect-the liquid paint aspect (I love encaustic but sometimes it is great to feel the smooth glide of the brush over canvas!) and size—oh how I love size.  Small in comparison to other canvas work I have done (@38 x 48 I think) but it is way bigger than 7″ x 7″ so I feel like I am livin’ large.

I am excited to see where this goes and I will post some in progress when I get images-in the next day or two.  So far I am happy with what is happening and I am certainly hoping the wait to get here was So Worth It!!

Peace and creativity..