Since I can’t art…I’ll craft!


I have been in a bit of a drudge lately as far as the ole creative juices are concerned-at least artistically.  Craft-wise it is another story.  Armed with a great idea culled from the folks at Design*Sponge that I posted about awhile back (the nifty concrete garden accents) and my penchant for bargain shopping, I set to work creating an outdoor tabletop garden.

I trekked around and found three glass globes at a local thrift store ($2.00), a blue enameled tub at the same thrift store, which I think was part of an unused grill in a past life ($2.00), a bag of concrete ($2.50), and a plethora of marked down plants ($6.50) at my local hardware store.  In between forcing myself to work in my studio and other diversions I made my little garden glomes (a cross between globes and  garden gnomes) and assembled my table top haven.  When I mixed up my concrete I had a bit left over and poured it into a planter drain pan and made a little platform for the planter to rest on-which you can’t really see but it keeps the tray elevated off the table.

Soooo, with a little time and little help from Design*Sponge,(thank you, thank you!) I have a lovely new addition to my patio-all for $13.00!



I may be procrastinating in a big way-but this time it was so worth it!!!


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