Before and afterlife….

Seeing that I have been in such a painters rut lately, I have been keeping busy using up scraps from old paintings and making totebags.  It is a little strange to see these bags because I can’t quite separate them from their wall hung counterparts!  A friend mentioned that it might be kind of funny to post the ‘before’ images of the paintings with the ‘after’ of the tote bags.  So, here goes..

Bag 1 after: DSC03626

Bag 1 before:


This piece (this is an abbreviated presentation due to small size of room-there are more panels) is titled Give’Em What They Want. You’ll see a combo of these fabrics in my newest bag coming up later…

Bag 2 after:


Bag 2 before:

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

and finally-the newest member to the Painter’s Block Bag series..Bag 3 after…(this bag combines elements from two-Give ‘Em What They Want and what you will see after these shots!)





Aaaaaaaaand bag 3 before:

 Mulder Susan Tit for That

This one is titled Tit for That,  looks a wee bit different as a tote bag!!

So, now you know where the scraps came from!  Hope it gave you a bit of a chuckle for the day–have a great weekend everyone!  I am outta here for a while and won’t be posting…please don’t give up on me…if I get a minute I will update you on where I am and what I am up to.  For now…enjoy your day-it is so worth it!!