I am sitting here, again, with no desire to head out to my studio and work!  In fact, I am looking for just about any diversion to keep me from heading out there (like writing a blog post).  This is not good!  Last week I was filled with motivation and got three paintings on the table ready and rarin’ to go and then…nuthin’.  Totally flat lined.  What gives?? And, what do I do now??

I have been plodding around here doing other things to keep my creative juices flowing-hence the overload on the tote bags (I am going to have to start giving them away!). This is all fine and well and good but I need to be in the part of my brain that paints and I can’t figure out which door it is in the dusty hallway I call my brain.  I am completely distracted it seems.  I also think I am in one of those brain rooms where things are percolating but are only in the make a lot of noise phase-I know something is going on I just need to wait for the noise to clear so I can make sense of the clatter.  I so recognize the  faint whisper of 3d in all the ruckus and am beginning to wonder if I need to put down the paintbrushes for a while. I have had a few ideas circling around up there searching for a way out and maybe it is time to give them the light of day.  Dust off the ole cobwebs and give it a go-so to speak.  But where to begin…

I am wondering how other artists get past all the “noise” to re-focus their motivations??  I get frustrated when this happens and am curious if there is any advice out there?