Tote-sweet, not bad for a Tuesday

Stuck in a bit of a painting block, I have been trying to at least be creative.  The tote bag I made last week has been a treasure-I can pack it full to overflowing and it is a dream to haul-so, I figured why not make another one.  I didn’t have a pattern but decided to just forge ahead and see what happened.  I rummaged in my studio scraps and found some great flax canvas and patterned fabric and got to it.  This little guy is lined and has an inside pocket and can be either a double handled  or an over the shoulder single handle depending on what it is used for.  Lucky for me, I don’t always follow through on ideas I have decided aren’t so hot because it left me with these great drapery grommets. They ended up being the perfect accent!




Hopefully this painting block moves on its merry way soon–I don’t need another tote bag!


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