A little sparkle for the holiday weekend!


I couldn’t find any images of fireworks in my computer files but I came across this sparkler and figured-hey, it’ll work.  This is actually a portion of one of the chandeliers that I snapped  at the Metropolitan Opera on a visit last spring.  Though not the real thing-it does bring to mind the dazzlers at the traditional fireworks display our town puts on every year.  I’m looking forward to tonights fireworks (even if they aren’t really on the 4th) because not only does it mean s’mores two nights in a row,  it means I will get to see more fireworks tomorrow ‘up nort’.   We will be heading up there to celebrate our freedoms and independance plus a very special person’s birthday too! Double the celebrations and double the fun-and, in our case, triple the food…I get full just thinking about it!

Family celebrations for us tend to involve siblings, in-laws, cousins, friends, out-laws and always, always lots of good eats.  My daughter has reached the age of contribution and is sure to bring something delectable and decidedly homemade-which makes a mamma proud(see header for her amazing cupcakes)!  There isn’t a one in the lot of us(men included) who can’t cook up a storm, or a feast at the drop of a hat for that matter(!) andI am sure this weekend will be no different 🙂  We usually have the traditional fare on hand but a few of us like to shake it up from time to time and I am looking forward to seeing the surprise inclusions that will spice up our table.  This afternoon will be dedicated to mixing up all the fixin’s and conjuring up those dishes that taste best after having sat a night in the fridge. mmmm the wait will be so worth it!!!

Do any of you out there have and special recipes that come out for family celebrations??  I am always on the hunt for new and exciting things to try.  If you are willing to share, I would love to see some and I will share some back!

Here’s hoping y’all out there have a fantastic 4th of July weekend-may you enjoy your family and friends and my your picnic tables, dining room tables, beach blankets and more be filled good eats and great times…


and, if you made it this far I thought I would tell you I posted a favorite painting of mine in ‘New Stuff” just to air it out…


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  1. Hey Susan, my mother reminded me of something on the 4th…it’s my grandfather’s birthday too!!
    Quite a coincidence. Laura’s cupcakes look like something too pretty to eat!

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