Time well spent!

Oh yay!!  I have a new baby and I have just taken her for a test drive-er-um-sew.  I took my baby lock for a quick spin around the ole sewing table to see how she ran–baby, this girl can purrrrrr!  I loved my old sewing machine, and she served me well, but after about six months of thinking and dreaming and wishing I broke down and dipped into a little nest egg set aside for a printing press.  Since I have no room for a press, and no new large studio on the horizon-I figured I would take the plunge on something a bit more managable.  ‘

The first trip out for ‘baby’ became a dandy little beach tote to haul any and everything just about anywhere:


I used scraps from old paintings (I like to use decorative fabric as canvas sometimes) and a pattern I found online at this fantastic on-line mag out of the  UK, Selvedge (<- click, it will be so worth it-I promise).  It is fully lined and the natty polka-dots on the inside complete the bag on the outside serving as the bottom!


My buddy Baudrillard approves….

Oh, Bo
Oh, Bo

 OK, I may not have gotten my twilting block done or all the laundry finished but I made something fun and it was        so worth it!


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  1. Great job Susan! It’s beautiful, love the fabric. you should be able to get lots of use out of it!

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