Where did June go??

After spending the morning in my studio (3 pieces started!!) and forgetting to put my vent fan on-a major no-no and I should know better-I plopped down with a cup of tea.  That’s when it dawned on me that this was the last day of June. NO WAY.  The summer season is blowing past me at lightning speed!  Where are the picnics, the beach visits, the other visits, the casual summery drinks on the deck??  There have been a few walks, one trip ‘up-nort’;  but where is that free for all summer feel I use to get when the kids were out of school?
Ahhh, Summer
Ahhh, Summer

Aaaaand, there it is.  The kids.  Who aren’t kids anymore.  Our days, sans little ones,  blend together in a series of going to work, going to the studio, cleaning up and starting all over again the next day with a fresh pot of coffee.  Two are still at home– however,  I consider that a very loose interpretation of at home.  One is in transition waiting to close on a house while the other works a series of jobs that keeps the front door in a constantly revolving status.  My other child lives in another city and I don’t get to see her as often as a mom would like. Sigh. So much for the last day of school ice-cream sundae dinners, camping out in the back yard and loving every minute of sleeping on a tree root, the moments when all of one child could still fit in your lap as you watched the  fireworks add magic to their summer memories. 

I am going to stop just short of making myself cry!  I have to remember that there are new joys-sharing a cold one with the kids (which is still weird, I wonder how long it takes to get over that?), more time to get the things done that didn’t when they were younger (BTW, those things aren’t so important anymore-could have learned that one sooner!), and of course, plenty of time to sit around realizing just how much I wish I could do it all over again.

Happy Last Day of June!  Celebrate July and may there be lots of fireworks and magic in the rest of your summer!


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  1. Beautiful photo Susan…and just an FYI…enjoy the silence, you’ll have your turn again when you can hear the pattering of grandchildren little feet! But the Blessing is when their parents take them home.

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