Scandalous Covet-ing


I have been shopping for ideas again and looking for all those wonderful things I would like to surround myself with one day.  I can find no end to the little things that tickle my fancy but one place I return to again and again is filled with all sorts of yummy big items–remember her???

Addie..wink, wink....
Addie..wink, wink....

I was visiting one of my favorite furniture idea spots (yet again!) when I caught wind of a bit of a scandal…My favorite personality/celebrity to watch at Covet Furniture, the effervescent Addie, was seen winking at Oscar!  I was under the impression she was in a relationship with Finn, but has Addie developed a bit of a wandering eye???  Either way, she has quite good taste.

Oh, Oh, Oscar
Oh, Oh, Oscar...Uh-Oh Finn

 As I daydream about my fantasy abode, I can easily see Addie cuddling up to either of these handsome hunks and making some sah-weeeeeet music (and maybe a couple of cute little ottomans 😉 

Meanwhile, I am saving my pennies and off to build more castles in the air…or craftsman cottages or even a tidy little bungalow and hoping one day I can have all kinds of goodies my friends can Covet!

One day, one day….and when that day comes it will be so worth it!


2 Replies to “Scandalous Covet-ing”

  1. Yes, our Addie is quite the looker. She is getting daily love notes from all over:>) All of us at Covet were tickled by your affection.
    And we are now on Twitter! I will make sure we follow you…Susan

    1. I will look for you on Twitter! And thanks-not only do I ‘Covet’ a few items out your way-I love letting others know about you too!

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