Happy Saturday

I always love to see folks waterskiing in the morning.  When they send rooster-tails up on a smooth lake, I don’t know what it is, it just gives me a good feeling.  Almost like a harbinger to a beautiful day.  Today is one of those days-rooster-tails and a trip to the cottage-it is gonna be a good one. 

My husbands parent’s live ‘up-nort’-sort of-it is only north of here-but hey, it works.  A while back they moved into what use to be their summer cottage and now split their time between there and Arizona.  I am an implant into the situation so the connotation of ‘up-nort’ is a bit different for me than it is for them.  The interesting thing about this  is that my children share this connotation with my husband and his family because they too grew up with it.  My memories of the place are bordered by different experiences, but still good.  I spent my honeymoon there and that is where the memories begin for me. 

Maybe not an auspicious beginning but certainly an education.  I am a rather private person (blog?? hey, things change) so imagine my-I don’t know-shock isn’t quite strong enough but it will do, shock when there was a loud honk and a sudden influx of my husband’s parents, his sister and her-at the time-three children.  And, just like that-honeymoon over.  We had three whole days to adjust to each other-that should be more than enough…right?  Over 25 years of marriage, that feeling of being overwhelmed has often returned-and sometimes still does-but I have learned to accept and even enjoy it.  I have been known to disappear from time to time though when I reach the overloaded stage-but they chalk that up to my ‘sensitive’ nature I suppose. 

The fondness associated with ‘up-nort’ encompasses the awkward beginning-the years of cheering for screaming children racing  down the driveway hill on brake-less wheeled vehicles silently praying no one got hurt(now we would have them covered head to foot inbubble wrap)-the late night swims in crystal clear, shimmery water accompanied by the smell of campfires.  One of my favorite things is the distant sounds of camp songs coming from the overnight summer camp down the road.  When the air is still and the boats tucked away for the night you can catch snatches of words, but mostly just melody, and there it is a feeling like being wrapped in your favorite cashmere blanket in the chill-soft and comforting. I guess I have developed my own connotations of ‘up-nort’ and they will expand to include my children’s spouses and their own children and I promise-I PROMISE-I will not show up at their honeymoon should they decide to go ‘up-nort’.

Happy summer y’all-enjoy-be safe and God Bless.

P.S. I am reading two books right now–“I’d Rather be in the Studio” by Alyson B. Stanfield and “Style Statement” by Danielle LaPorte and Carrie McCarthy and I hope to share some thoughts on those next week–they are both so worth it so far!   Check out the groovy logo on the right and you can land on White Hot Truth-Danielle LaPorte’s website-another so worth it!


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  1. i like the new blog title! ^_^* i really appreciated seeing you last night. it was so wonderful having so many people i love and respect all in the same room. and i’m totally checking out that “i’d rather be in the studio” book!

    1. You’ll like the book-it is “so worth it” to pick one up. It is practical-straight forward and covers all the excuses we artists can fall into.. 🙂 Your show…two words…Awe some.

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