Hap-BEE Anniversary to one of my favorite brands!

I have an affinity for beeswax( being an encaustic artist) but I also love beeswax candles, the smell and taste of honey, mead and just about anything Burt’s Bees.  I have a special addiction to their lip balms and have (should maybe say hive?) been known to get a stocking full of all kinds of balms from my family(YAY!).   It struck me as kind of fun that today was the 25th and  Burt’s Bees 25th anniversay celebration is in full swing.  So, Hap-BEE Anniversary to a honey of a brand!  Here is my Twilting Bee block for the day….


They also have great deal on a grab bag of celebratory goodies for 50% off the regular retail price!! Grab one while you can 🙂

P. S.   I have one more block to do today so check back later right ->here<-


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