I guess things haven’t changed so much afterall….

I had been under the impression that things had died down a bit with the ArtPrize goings on, BUT, I guess I was wrong.  I still visit the site regularly checking for updates but it is clear I overlooked some of the underlying discussions going on.  I really thought folks had gotten past all that by now.  Noooooo such luck. 

I am really, truely curious what others out there (besides the vocal few) think of the premise of ArtPrize and the resulting, and running, commentary.  Yesterday I had popped in to check on their blog and found myself in a conversation about the nature of art as well as why artist’s should be expected to find their own venues (providing they are not selected by participating venues) all mixed in amongst the  foundation of ArtPrize which is a  public  voting process.

I encourage you to check it out  ->here  <- is the link to the actual page for all the lowdown. 

For the record, I have submitted a performance piece for consideration and am awaiting word.  However, if I am not picked…I will find a place on my own.  I am passionate about my project (The IBP) and would love the opportunity to share it with other.

One last thing-I am not affiliated with ArtPrize in any way other than being a participant.


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  1. Hey Susan,
    I just hooked up with the venue Peaches Bed and Breakfast! I’m excited about having a show in my old stomping grounds.
    I’m waiting to hear about events, I want to make the most of the time when I’m there, to see as much art as possible. Please keep me posted on where you’ll be having your project. I’d love to meet you, and see your work in person!

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