Rules, rules, rules..

I don’t know what it is, but I feel this need to impose rules or boundaries, parameters or whatever you want to call it.  It is a way for me to order my life I suppose.  Often these whatever you want to call ’ems get in the way and it is hard to let go of them and get on with things.

I imposed rules on my Yesterday’s Tea Bags today-probably out of a sense of guilt for not doing them all weekend.  Since I had missed a few days, I decided that the 60 second rule would not apply today but rather I would combine all those minutes into a single  YTB.  When I decided that it was only about three minutes I doubled it-out of penance I guess! 

I gathered my materials-tea bag, fabric softener sheet, scrap of wallpaper and thread (plus all the necessaries to go with it).  I gave myself 60 seconds to decide what to do with it and then dug in.  Note to self-limit caffeine if you are going to impose a time limit and use a needle.    A number of finger pokes and a frustrating internal dialogue ( ack-it is rumply-the stitches are wonky-why did I do this again!-ouch-shoot-oh well, keep going) and I reached the 6 minute limit…

Quick, come up with a title–Hemmed In (of course).  I forgot to “twitter” the time and date but will add that in a sec (6-22-09, 10:30 am if you are curious)

If this looks interesting at all to you AND you like rules (or just enjoy a challenge), hop on over to Yestday’s Tea Bags and I will give you this weeks idea-if you are up for it let me know!!!


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