A long overdue update on the IBP

The morning after a storm is always a great time to go for a bike ride-well, at least I think so.  For my midmorning break I hopped on my dandy green Schwinn and set off.  Fridays are especially fun because you can find any number of tag sales taking place.  With a few bills in my pocket (all ones-all three of them) my challenge was to come home with change and with nothing more than what I could carry in my hands.  Mission accomplished!  The best find, for me, was another vintage iron for the Ironing Board Project.  At $.50 I couldn’t not buy it!  The ride home got me to thinking though.  This project, which is important to my, has been marginalized by other commitments, projects and interruptions.  It is time to remedy that!

If you aren’t familiar with it, the IBP is a long term project that began as a one time performance piece and evolved into a passion.  My hope is to see this performed and to grow to at least one hundred (yes-100!! or more)  participants with multiple performances.  You can get more info on the IBP by clicking here aaaaaaand here.   I thought a few images from the 1st performance would give you a better idea (besides the ones on the other page).

(Please note that the fantastic images are courtesy of Tracy May Fouts Photoraphy.  She is an amazing young photographer and a really neat person!)

If any of you out there have questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!  I am looking for more participants and places to show the IBP.