To Covet or not to Covet??

Being in order mode has its benefits; it means my office is finally at a place where I can sit and think without a cloud of  ‘should be doings’ over my head.  It also can have its drawbacks-oh, like-not wanting to get back work ’cause the weather is so nice and putting it off a day or two more won’t matter.  I did at least paint my table file today so that counts for progress which was promptly negated by the dilly-dallying on either side of that project.  Well, since it is going on four here and I need to go make sushi for dinner soon, I figured I would do a little follow up work on an event I attended last week.

The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (UICA), an organization that has amazing art programs and exhibitions, held a Nosh Night (which rocked btw) complete with Slide Wars.  SW gave artists, designers, and all sort of creatives the opportunity to present their work, ideas and motivation in a rapid-fire format.  What it gave to observers was the opportunity to learn more about the talent out there in GR.  I was looking back at some half scrawled notes and came across one for Covet Furniture.  I loved the philosophy behind the product, but, more than that….I adored the product.  My fav was this one right here…

The Addie chair by Covet Furniture
The Addie chair by Covet Furniture

Isn’t she too sah-weet!  The things I would do to to have this chair!!  Not that I am complaining about my Goodwill finds but I know, I just know, I could go places and do things if I had a chair like this.  Now I understand Covet-ousness!!!

So, I have chattered a bit and can feel like I did more than fritter the day away.  It wasn’t a total loss though-I scored The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck, Dubliners byt James Joyce and The Age of Reason, a novel by jean-Paul Sarte at a tag sale(!).  I have slogged through Being and Nothingness by Sarte but have never read a novel by him-should be interesting..I’ll let you know.