Well, it has finally happened!  I have a place of my own-V. W. would be so proud (now all I need is 500 a month and I’m in!).  This humble little corner of the family room/hubby’s old office space is now a place for rumination, creation and cogitation…or simply a place to hang out-work on my computer-come up with new ideas for work.  Either way, I am tickled pink to have a ‘spot’.

This is a workspace made in-well, hmm, maybe I should say ‘made of’-second hand heaven! 

I started with the cast-offs  from the old office-which were cast-offs we had found on the side of the road or bought at the thrift center down the road (those would be the file cabinets nattily disguised under fabric).  Once I had decided where I would locate the workspace I went to work cutting an old white  table cloth that I loved and never used in half and attached it to the ‘desks’ with velcro (purchased new).  I then scrounged some black and white fabric (left over from previous projects) and made a skirt for the horizontal file.

With the base figured out I went to work on the rest.  My snazzy new desk chair was a Goodwill find over the weekend ($12.00) which I covered with another old table cloth and tied in back with black and white ribbon that came from a white basket purchased from the aforementioned Goodwill ($.80) the next day.  Among the other goodies snapped up that day were another white basket ($1.50) with compartments for all kinds of do-dads, the mirror on the wall ($3.00), which I repainted black-immediately, and the nifty vintage wire baskets ($.50 each-I bought them ALL=8 total, so $4.00). Lastly,  white pottery is a weakness of mine and I paid a whopping $3.50 (which I haggled down from $5.00 because of a small chip) and the yellow and blue pots came from a garage sale (I had the tall one already).  My new purchase for the project was the dandy upholstery webbing ($.69 a yard-10 yds=$6.90) I like to use for just about anything I can think of.  In this incarnation it serves as an alternative to a cork board.  I made these little strips to clip the postcards I like to gather as well as notes, leaves and all kinds of other good stuff.  (these are no sew, no glue, I simply used a large headed tack to pin them to the wall-mui easy)  All the other goodies and gew-gaws were gathered from closets, shelves and crevices and called to service in my new space!  Cheap-YES…priceless?  Even YESSER!

I almost forgot!  My lovely-and favorite-bird drawing comes from Taylor Greenfield, a talented grad student I have been fortunate enough to know!  The other ‘art’ on the wall are panels from a piece I did and will make great places to pin papers and whatnot and serve double duty as idea boards!

One final addition is this terrific old radio/side table that has been haunting the recesses our our home-and my in-laws home before.  I plugged it in and listened to the tubes warm up as the speaker crackled and the tinny voice of the announcer of a local talk radio wandered into my space-how cool is that.  Meet Phil-he doubles as a turntable, which I need to check out soon!

Phil the Philco
Phil the Philco

Thanks for visiting my new space-come back often and stay for a chat.  I’ll but the tea kettle on!


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