I live in a neighborhood and, while it may be near the water, it is not to be confused with the wild outdoors. That is until recently. About two weeks ago I was looking out my window and saw some sort of odd something moving out in the middle of the lake and it was headed our way. I had just gotten out of bed and I was pretty sure it was not a leftover from the dream I had emerged from- so I grabbed the binoculars. Low and behold it was two dear swimming! SWIMMING! They landed in the neighbors yard and promptly plopped down and had a breather. They ambled off never to be seen again.

Then, today, I hear this ghastly cat fight complete with snarling and screaming and I run for the nearest door. My cat, Baudrillard, is just under a year and, like all adolescents, considers himself the Lord High Master of the Universe and totally invincible. Until today.

What greeted me as I raced around the corner of the house was this…

We both stopped dead in our tracks-which were only about 5 feet apart and just stared. (In my bolt for the door I did not grab my camera-too bad!) I had one of those odd, there is real nature in my yard and it is not tame moments. I am sure he was just checking for arms and muttering “stupid human” to himself as he trotted off.

Once the shock of seeing the ole sly fox within touching distance, I set off to find my cat.  After about 15 minutes I was sure he was a goner and after about 45 I finally found him on the front stoop.  None the worse for wear but definitely shaken up, he let me pick him up.  No longer He-Cat Master of all that has fur, Bo has retired to the laundry room indefinitely. 

When he emerges humbled and more aware of his mortality he will realize that this is more his style…



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  1. Susan! My goodness you sure have had a lot of stuff going on! I can’t believe the story about the deer! Didn’t know that they liked to enjoy a swim either.

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