Happy Monday!

Monday’s are always a day that involve a lot of running around doing errands, getting caught up on the things that were set aside over the weekend  and, in general, are a hodgepodge sort of day for me.  This morning is no different as I gear up to attack my list of “to-do’s”.  Hectic as this morning may be, I wanted to take a moment and post the latest Twilt “block”.  If I am feeling a bit un-motivated or like my cogs are grinding a bit to loudly I will try to take a deep breath and think of this new block…

Peace Out
Peace Out

This latest addition to the Twilting Bee comes to us courtesy of Norma I., affectionately known as Miss Norma.  Just so you know, Miss Norma is 84!  She has generously participated in another project I am working on, the IBP, and it is always pretty cool to have her be a part of the going’s on. 

So, no excuses for me today- I have peace and hope you do to!


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