Slide Wars Rocked…

Mornin’ y’all!  I am a bit bleary eyed and haven’t done the Yesterday’s Tea Bag yet but did want to jot down a couple of things for you to check out. 

I attended Noshnight at the UICA(Urban Institute of Contmporary Art) in GR last night and what a great idea!  It was a relaxed environment but energized with all the creative energy free floating not to mention the free flowing refreshments.  I will let them explain the concept-

UICA, in partnership with AIA Grand Valley, AIGA West Michigan, Design West Michigan, and Rapid Growth Media, is proud to host the first event in a series called NoshNight. Slide Wars will showcase twenty artist’s art and designs in a rapid-fire slide show! Slide Wars guests will enjoy amazing food, great music, and an drinks as they view fast paced presentations by the area’s finest established and emerging talent.

The Slide Wars aspect was an innovative way to give exposure to the artists and inform the viewer on what’s out there. For the most part, the artists that presented were amazing–I give them a lot, A LOT, of credit for putting it out there in the form they did.  Each artist presented 20 slides and had 15 seconds per slide to discuss their work, ideas and philosophy.  There were a couple of spots where it had that fast talking auction feel and others where it felt like the place was on the verge of a poetry slam. There were visual artists, architects, graphic designers and illustrators not to mention a DJ, sahweet treats, thirst quenching liquidity and tons and tons of creative juice.    To be in the company of other artists got my cogs in sync again and I was able to get past a bit of a block I had about a piece snoozing in my notebook.  Good news-I can wake the beast and put it to work!

All in all it was an event not to be missed and if I understand correctly they have three more events similar to this one planned. Oh yeah!  Can not wait till the next one 😀

(a few more sips of tea and I may have the energy to get to Yesterday’s Tea Bag so stay tuned…)