Not ArtPrize worthy….???

I had a great laugh today-which is  a great way to start the day, by the way…(it is SO obvious I have a painting degree NOT a poetry degree)

Anyhoo-I posted an image of my new business cards on Fb and one of my favorite folks had this to say:

Suits me to a T...
Suits me to a T...

                                           M.S. says:  “this will never win ArtPrize”

                                                                     Sniff.  Really??

I literally laughed out loud (LOL) over my morning coffee!  Not only is this my new favorite all-time quote-it kinda makes me wish I would have entered it!

As far as ArtPrize is concerned-I haven’t heard much around the ole watercooler lately.  Buzz has dropped off and I don’t know if interest is waning or if folks are so  glued to their computers just waiting to be picked that they have lost the ability to function.  I confess to checking in from time to time just to see what kind of art is being picked-but it is moving a bit too slow for me.

I will say that ArtPrize has a couple of interesting artists signed up, er, rather, picked already. Truthfully,  I am surprised there aren’t more in the lineup by now– I would think the sooner the better so folks can have time to work, but I guess venues are holding off so they can choose the best of the best.  Oh well, c’est la vie no tea bags in ArtPrize for me….

If you made it this far… make sure to follow ArtPrize on twitter!  They send you selections as they happen-cool beans!  Check out the newest artist, Dragana Crnjak-really cool stuff!!