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OK, so I promised a few folks some basic info about my newest project and here it is!

I wanted to create a simple project based on social networking but one that fused my interest in feminine craft, the demarcation of time, unusual materials and, of course, something that was process oriented. The idea that evolved was a take on twitter partnered with a memory quilt idea.

I will fill you in on more detail later but the body of the three basice ideas are:

1-Social media and the documentation of “moments”
2-the process involved in gathering information
3-unusual materials-used domestic detritus in the form of teabags and fabric softener sheets ( I will consider other items if suggested and fit within the parameters of the project).  Check out to see an example of work I have done with these materials.

I would  either send, or have individuals provide, a tea bag or fabric softener sheet that has been used for its intended purpose and then repurposed as a document (I will provide an image soon).  For example:  I send you a new, unused teabag, you make a cup of tea and drink it-saving the teabag and letting it dry.  You then empty the contents and use the teabag paper and write the date, time and something about that day (twitter style) and then send it back to me.  You can write something, draw something or even alter the bag in some way but once you return it to me I will sew it together with the other bags or materials I receive to for a memory “quilt”  that documents these moments.

That is a quick synopsis for those who were curious (and anxious), I will give a more detailed description soon.  If you have more specific questions-or would like to participate send me a comment and I will get back in touch with you.



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  1. Hi, I would love to participate. Could I provide a collage using these “household” materials and then you use that collage in your piece? Let me Know, It sounds like an exciting project.

  2. As always Susan I will participate in any way I can. I need to digest this a bit to think of a wonderful way to participate.

  3. I heard about this from the feminist artist e-mail. I would be interested in participating.

    1. I am always looking for new participants!! I have been kind of sidelined by my other project (the IBP) but this one will continue for awhile-can’t wait to see what you send-I’ll be in touch with my info. Thanks!

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