It’s dodge ball all over again…

You know that feeling you get when you are lined up with the other kids, you can feel the sun warming your nose and cheeks and your heart is taking little skips as you wait to be “chosen”. For those of you out there who were picked first(which you generally were) you have no idea of the anticipation or fear that ruffles through the remainder of the line.

Oddly enough I am having that sort of anxiety about ArtPrize! I am well familiar with the little skips and jumps of waiting in that dodge ball line and while I am suffering no palpitations over it I am certainly wondering what happens if I am not “chosen”. What happens if an artist cannot find a venue?? Hmmm-hope I don’t find out! Whatever happens-even if spectatorhood is in my future-I am still looking forward to seeing GR transformed in the fall with all this art 🙂


For those that were picked first–Kudos! The work is amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person!  No questions any more about the caliber of art that will be represented at ArtPrize. I guess those naysayers out there will just have to eat socks now!!(sorry still in dodge ball mode) I am really looking forward to seeing what else rolls in!