Back in town and back to work….

Just in from a quick trip to the snazzy little burg of Des Moines, I-oh-wha where I spent time catching up with family members and checking out the cool urban transformation that is going on there.  Personal favs of my downtown explorations were the trendy and tempting loft spaces that offered living space above some way cool store fronts!  Made me long for a space like that where I could work, show and live without the hassle of commuting. 

Another fav was Ephemera:   A sweet little shop with some great ideas-it is a lot better in person but if you can’t go there-click yourself there, it is worth the trip.  Darn my faulty memory as there was another top notch paper place that I can’t recall…oh, well-next time. 

A surprise side trip to Perry, Iowa led me to find a couple of amazing artists and I returned with a nifty new hand thrown mug that is my newest best friend (it holds coffee and therefore holds a special place in my heart).  Betsy Peterson and her husband live and work on a farm just outside of Perry (big white barn with a great big star on the side in case you are in the area) where he throws clay and she creates whimsical folk designs.  This creative duo have a great little gallery in the barn that houses their workshops and it is well worth the jaunt.

Back in the mitten it is back to work time for me.  I have a huge encaustic ( seven, 7!!! feet long) that is begging for my attention as it is anxious to move to its new digs.  Here are a couple of in process pics taken in my incredible shrinking studio…





in process center


Soooo, back at it!  If anyone needs me, you know where to find me…