Up for grabs..if anyone is interested…


This is “Letter b” from the Bitter Alphabet series and as part of my studio clean out, I am offering it to the person who makes the best offer! I will take offers for one week, starting today. Be mindful that if it needs to be shipped you will need to consider that when making your offer. The image is 12″ x 12″ and is Encaustic, Oil, Charcoal Transfer and acetate(letter sheet). It is on a one and a half inch panel and the sides can be painted gray or black depending on you preference.

One more thing-be creative with the offers (appropriate, but creative)-in kinds and trades are welcomed as well 🙂

Happy bidding y’all!


2 Replies to “Up for grabs..if anyone is interested…”

  1. Susan, okay, I don’t know if anyone has started so I will…
    I will start low…sorry 😦
    How about I open the bidding with 25.00…

  2. I am up for a trade, but you would have to figure out which of my works you are interested in. Of course I only have like 1/3 or less of my work on my blog, but still, it gives you an idea.

    Email me!

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