Perusing the various postings out there that have been written about  ArtPrize I am increasingly dismayed at what I find!  Whew-the vitriolic blogobabble is mind boggling.  Who own what-who owns who-

Anthony Nowack said-

“The DeVos and Van Andel families own most of this city. And now they own the artists who are lining up to dance for their money in this contest. Philanthropy isn’t philanthropy when it has an agenda. Both of these families have a long tradition of supporting far right-wing causes that are not exactly friendly to artists. Now we’re supposed to forget that because they are taking money from artists to give it to other artists?

Here is another one from Man In A Van, Aaron Heideman:

Ten years from now, my approach to Artprize will be different.  When corporate sponsorship starts to infest the process the way radio and television have been compromised, then I will revolt against Artprize.  When Artprize becomes a means for fascism and propoganda to visually rape the United States of America, that’s when I start fighting.”


Will wonders never cease?!?!  Visually rape???  hellllOOOOOO–Van Man should take that venom and attack folks who have contaminated our ground water or who destroy our natural resources or what about child abusers, real rapists, drug dealers and the list could go on-do something to address REAL threats.  I cannot recall a single event-ever-when someone was accosted with a work of art and FORCED to look at it

UGH-I need more coffee…..


One Reply to “Puhleeeeeeze”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I hope you will consider that my statement you took out of context was purely hypothetical in nature. I am in full support of Artprize and what it represents this year.

    Furthermore, the context in which I was speaking was in opposition to the argument from Richard Kooyman, a vocal opponent of Artprize. I was explaining that in the event that Artprize evolved into my interpretation of Kooyman’s train of thought, that there would be reason to revolt against the system in the future, but that it was unnecessary in Artprize’s infancy because no one really knows for certain what’s going to happen.

    Again, I want to clarify. I am in full support of this worthy experiment.

    Enjoy your coffee.

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