OK, so blinding pain can’t keep me from blathering on about what is going through my head.  I read a post response on Fb today that kind of got under my skin.  It was a minor diatribe whining about rich people,again, and how they think everything has to be about money.  It smacks of sour grapes though when the writer ends with

Adding huge cash prizes doesn’t build community, it just fosters resentment and suspicion.

I can’t say that I have come across anyone who participates in juried and monied competitions that is resentful or suspicious of the process.  Ya gotta kinda like that sort of thing to get involved in the first place and most professional artists have an understanding of the competition circuit AND some actually enjoy it. 

They also rant a bit about loosing the sense of community when a monetary prize is attached and that individualism takes over.  Oh, the humanity-the horror-we don’t want that now do we!   It just wouldn’t do to have folks running around  expressing their individuality now would it. This also came from the person who feels that art is a deeply personal thing. 

If you are a professional artist you also realize that art is a business-and as idealistic as we would all like to be-the ugly fact of it is that it is an institutional business just like anything else.  A heck of a lot more fun that accounting but a business none the less.

If you are not a competitive person or don’t like ‘institutions’ ArtPrize probably isn’t for you -ArtPrize is addressing the institution from a non-traditional  perspective but it is a competition that is looking for a multi-faceted outcome that just might require some individualism to get it done.