Art Prize: Anarchy no–something else–maybe

Won’t post much today-feeling terribly under the weather, but did want to pass on this link from ArtPrize.  The conversation is expanding and I find it interesting they use the Turner Prize as a comparison!  Check it out and see what you think:

Just to stir the pot a bit:  So the idea is to disengage the trained critics, remove the elite and return art to the people? Hmmmm, art of the people, by the people and for the people or a new form of something a bit more, shall we say, um,  [like socialism]???  I know, I know-I said I wouldn’t talk politics but I am only making a comparison…(and no I didn’t call anybody a communist-geez)


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  1. There you go Susan, you said it ‘socialism’ from whatever angle you put it as I said artprize is as much a political event as anything else. Politics then brings the whole work all the way around back to the beginning. I have never seen anything good come from politics- politics is ego centric and elitist, and greedy. Try running for even a minor office as city commissioner and see what happens and what you have to become to win. I did and lost- and now years later I am glad and grateful to God that I lost.

  2. Guilty as charged-however, I did mention that the comment was meant to stir the pot. I keep my ears open and will use what I hear batted about as fodder for the herd.
    Is ArtPrize political???? I don’t see that as part of the agenda but however you slice it whenever someone wants to instigate change in an established heirarchy, in this case art, things will be said. Keep in mind that nothing new ever happens without affecting change which, inevitably, will irritate a few which brings to mind a quote by Jung-

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”

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