Bloggity, Bloggity, Bloggity..


Three quick things this morning…

1.)  I just got a great email from my favorite “everyman”.  He has ventured into the blogosphere and made a couple of  observations I thought were spot on.  Based on a previous conversation he was curious about the ArtPrize blog so he checked it out-as well as a few other links-and weighed in.  “everyman”  liked what he saw and being an organized business sort had this too say (along with a few nice things):

…art prize web site — they have some work to do pronto!  July 31 submission deadline and lots of holes and not much info, news etc.

This isn’t the first time I have heard this comment, well, not this particular comment, but similar-mostly from deadline phobic artists.  I do think it is a valid point and wonder how it will all fall into place in time.

2.)  I, and a few others, are dying to know some more info about how ArtPrize is progressing.  It doesn’t appear that there are too many new venues lining up (based on info available)  and a few folks thought there would be more by now.  AND artists are wondering how the competition is stacking up??  How many artists have really signed up??

3.) This is a kind of continuation of  the previous one–is ArtPrize really getting the exposure it needs?  I haven’t seen anything in art deadline listings or competition listings ( I may have overlooked an odd listing or two) AND  a friend of a friend in THE big city, NY, has heard zero in the art circles.  With just over four months to go , hmmm-might need to get the  old bullhorn out.