“everyman” on ArtPrize

“everyman”, a self described Nascar fan,  American Idol critic and art lover (translated: likes to take a nap on Sunday afternoons, is addicted to American Idol and is married to an artist), weighed in on ArtPrize yesterday.  “everyman” doesn’t understand what all the buzz is about!  He thinks ArtPrize is a good idea and believes the public will rise to the occasion. In fact, he is looking forward to casting his vote for the most beautiful work of art he find (insert eye rolling and heavy groaning from the art audience).  His enthusiasm, however, is indeed genuine and “everyman” admits to finding the whole process pretty interesting. 

I agree that the process is pretty interesting!  I don’t think I have been party to as many sincere discussions about art in a very long time.  Creative juices are flowing and the ideas are all exciting: high rise projections, building sized murals, Christo style installations and more.  Amidst the misgivings and concerns there is the sparkle of real excitement and this alone could serve to make ArtPrize an early success.

If ArtPrize can pique the interest of “everyman” and energize art discussions without even being a week old imagine the possibilities!  The fact that “everyman” is even talking about art is in itself a feat and his artist spouse, from what I understand, is both surprised and pleased.  I also hear this was shortlived for as he left the room after their discussion, “everyman” was heard saying  “besides, I like lighthouses”.

“everyman” slept on the couch.