ArtPrize on fb

OOOOOOH!  Wow, if anyone out there thinks I am being too harsh on ArtPrize they need to do a little research on fb!  There are some scathing critiques out there.  I have been quite surprised to find a lot of bashing in the blogosphere too and some of it hits below the belt in my estimation.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter a nit to me who is involved in the leadership and I do find it a bit unsavory that folks out there are, or can be, shall we say, ‘tight’ (even those who claim to be uber liberal, live and let live posterchildren). Hopefully I won’t have to eat my words and ArtPrize will rise above the mudslinging masses…for now I will stay out of the name game and focus on the real issues…though I may need my wellies and a strong umbrella.